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TM Athletics

About Our Emblems

The inside of the optional zipper hood makes a great place to name your team.

Emblems are pictures made of wool chenille

Word emblems include your name, your graduating year, your playing position, number, or team title, and the name of your school or mascot. Pictures might show your team mascot, or they might be related to the sports that you've lettered in. Roaring cougars, howling wolves, basketballs, footballs, crossed bats or hockey sticks, players in action — these all make great emblems. See some Emblem Samples.

You already know what chenille (pronounced shen-EEL) is — it's that thick fuzzy stuff that the emblems on letter jackets are made from. Technically speaking, it's a fabric with a thick pile (like a carpet) made from a special thread, which is sewn onto a felt backing.

Each emblem is specially made by hand. Each layer is added one color at a time, like painting with thread. This is why big or complex chenille emblems may cost more than small ones.