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TM Athletics

About Our Emblems

Red and white chenille emblem and text on the left chest show up brilliantly against the black body and sleeves.

Emblem pricing

Our emblems come in two standard sizes — Small for the chest and sleeve and Large for the back of the jacket. (Take a look at the jackets we’re wearing on this site to see the relative sizes.)

Large emblems cost more than small ones, and, because they’re bigger pictures, they can have more details in them.

We’ll make sure that the emblems look good and fit the space. You don’t have to worry about it. Browse through our Emblem Samples for a bunch of ideas, or send in your own design.

Chenille Emblem Pricing
Note: Emblems are available only as part of a jacket or sweater order; they are not sold separately.
Award letter $ 40.00 each
Small name on sleeve or chest $ 15.00 per line
Small picture on sleeve or chest $ 45.00 each
Large name on back $ 5.00 per letter
Large picture on back $ 150.00 each
Numbers $ 30.00 per set
Other emblem options
Machine-embroidered name, on chest $ 15.00 per line
Embroidered inlay, star, or bar $ 6.00 each