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TM Athletics

About Our Jackets

Custom art emblem with arched name above and straight name below on a dark green wool body, with baseball collar and white leather set-in sleeves.

Emblems make the jacket yours

Your jacket is custom-made: unique, not mass-produced. We'll cut it and sew it especially for your order. That means you can have exactly what you want -- just tell us what you have in mind, and we'll do it!

Note: Emblems are available only as part of a jacket or sweater order; they are not sold separately. We also cannot reproduce copyrighted images, such as professional sports logos, without prior permission.

Get exactly the emblems and patches you want

Your jacket is a reward for all your hard work. Get the emblems that tell who you are and what you've done. Look through Emblem Samples for some ideas of mascots or activity emblems. Got something special in mind? Send us a picture! We can do a custom emblem of practically anything you can draw!

See Choosing Emblems for pictures and descriptions of emblem placement, how they are made, and traditional examples.

See Emblem Samples for a look at a dozens of drawings that can be turned into customized chenille emblems.

We offer three different styles of emblem layout -- straight, curved, and a combination of the two. Want something different? Print out a blank jacket and draw them in exactly where you want them.