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TM Athletics

About Our Jackets

Texas orange wool body with turnback collar, cream snaps, cream leather set-in sleeves and pocket welts.

Add a little color to the pockets

While pockets provide basic comfort and utility, they can also accent your jacket with a touch of style and class.

The welt reinforces the pocket opening and can be either leather or wool.

Cord edge is an optional braid that accents the welt.

Pocket with black leather welt and white cord edge

Maroon leather pocket welt with white cord edge

The pockets of your jacket can be edged in the same color wool as the jacket, or you can have leather edging in a contrasting color at no extra charge.

Pocket with orange wool welt and no cord edge

Cream leather welt without cord edge

An edging of braided cord trim in a contrasting color adds even more detail (see jacket pricing for additional charges).