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TM Athletics

About Our Jackets

Royal melton blue wool body with baseball collar, matching snaps, white leather set-in sleeves and pocket welt.

Leather or wool sleeves

Your jacket can be made with either leather or wool sleeves. Leather is classic; it costs a bit more (see Prices). We use new wool in our jackets, so they'll look great, feel warm, and wear well. The leather we use is heavy top-grain cowhide.

We can customize your jacket with any number of extras. Each jacket is crafted one-by-one, so we can do something completely unique! See these ideas and contact us for pricing on special requests.

Raglan sleeve jacket

Raglan sleeves

Set-in sleeve jacket.

Set-in sleeves

« Raglan sleeves

Raglan-style sleeves start at the jacket's collar. They curve smoothly over your shoulders and have a loose, rounded look. This maroon and grey jacket has raglan sleeves.

Set-in sleeves »

Set-in style sleeves start at the shoulders of the jacket. They have a tailored, square-shouldered look. This blue and white jacket has set-in sleeves.

Sleeve insert

Sleeve insert

« Inserts

Sleeve Inserts add an extra detail: they are a strip of leather or wool set into the shoulder to give a little bit more contrast, color and detail.

Here, we show red leather set-in sleeves with a black wool body; there are 2 set-in stripes in red and black leather, with white cord trim. The result is an extra detailed, custom-made look.

Split Sleeves

Split Sleeves

Splits »

Split Sleeves are one material in the front, with a contrast back. Here we show a split sleeve with red leather in the front, and burgundy wool in the back, detailed with white cord down the center. You can contrast colors or materials for textured, detailed look.